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Your Meditation Practice and 5G Effects

Your Meditation Practice and 5G Effects

A few centuries ago in the time of William Shakespeare there was no electricity, magnetic resonance imaging, microwave oven, imposing towers broadcasting  signals to mobile phones, no modems and wi-fi radiating electro-magnetic fields through rooms where you sleep, eat and live. We did not fly through the air in streamlined aluminium boxes, nor walk with our face planted on a small screen. Large cities, rapidly now becoming mega-cities, did not exist.  

Up until a few decades ago we were mostly free-range human beings. Now, by contrast, we are somewhat caged. We live in an  on-line, bud wearing, pocket holding mobile phone reality. The world is broadcast to us in a sea of non-visible waves directly into our brains with downloads of our choice, design and preference by podcast, video, audio and text transmission. 

5G is the fifth generation of digital cellular networks. It is a millimetre wave technology that belongs to the spectrum of extremely high frequencies. Since 2001 the US military have used these same frequency waves to disperse and control crowds of people.  It is the newest and latest invisible communication system to be  foisted upon us. You don't believe Big Brother is here! Wait till 5G is in your city, your neighbourhood, your street and home and you can't turn it off.  Imagine micro data collection of your lifestyle - your likes and dislikes, your fixations and fetishes, your wants and needs all live streamed to corporate Big Brother.  If it's not data uploads/downloads that is of concern to you then perhaps the electro-magnetic fields bombarding your brain and heart, nervous system, internal organs, unborn children and DNA damage that will cause you to pay attention. 

The concepts of 'Big Brother' and 'Thought Police' arose from George Orwell's best seller novel 1984. It was published in 1949 as a warning against totalitarianism. These two concepts are recognised and understood by many in the Western world and have become expressions for social, political and technological abuse and surveillance. Reality TV shows such as 'Big Brother' brought the awareness of being watched over and dictated to into our living rooms in an entertainment format. 

"To be or not to be ..." is the opening phrase of a soliloquy from Shakespeare's Hamlet. These famous words are in direct opposition to each other - to be, or not to be. Hamlet is pondering a state of being verses a state of not being - being alive and being dead. According to Critcheley and Webster there are 9 Things You Can Learn From Hamlet that teach life lessons.  One of these life lessons speaks to us in these times we now live in. "The world is a prison" (Hamlet sighs). "This is not just a statement of his mental state. Shakespeare's play is also a drama of surveillance in a police state. Everyone is being watched. This once required expensive and expansive networks of spies. Now it simply requires the use of the internet." 

In March 2019, Sacha Stone a long time truther and activist in all things dark and dangerous in the world of social, political and technological abuse created a  movie/documentary, 5G Apocalypse - An Extinction Event. Stone suggests that 5G is an "existential threat to humanity in a way we never imagined possible!"  The compelling movie/documentary at the very least will awaken you to the dangerous capabilities of 5G in your home, neighbourhood and larger community.

 Stopping 5G is a major focus of activists around the world. Stopping 5G is included in the Sovereign People's Charter in the UK. Closer to home in Australia an educational site on Facebook We Say NO to 5G in Australia offers extensive resources, references and support.

 On April 28th this year the town of Bentley in Western Australia is hosting a public meeting. Senior barristers from Tasmania will present an action plan on how to oppose the new 5G (untested and controversial) technology.  Their Facebook page Stop 5G Action Talk states that "Australia is one of the first countries to implement 5G - and Perth already has 5G towers, both active or proposed to be active very soon. Brussels has stopped 5G. Rome has stopped 5G. Switzerland has stopped 5G, We can do it too!".

 Recently 5G testbeds by Cisco Systems Inc., have been set up in Shepton Mallet, England to trial wireless connectivity on cows. The aim is to introduce robotic milking. Care for radiated milk! Or radiated animal produce! In March this year the Belgian government halted a 5G pilot project in Brussels over concerns of radiation.

 Pushback against 5G wireless is growing everyday. The City of Portland in the US is mobilizing to block 5G deployment. Have you thought about your local area? What's happening in your neck of the woods that you may be oblivious to? What don't you know about 5G deployment in your neighbourhood, town and municipality? Maybe it's time to take an interest.

 As more and more nations, according to United Nations staff members Claire Edwards, are "coming to their senses and putting the brakes on 5G" we will see more research and funding toward the negative health effects of this technology.  Edwards article 5G: The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall is well researched.  The health consequences of Wi-Fi according to Dr. Sherrill Sellman in an article titled Wired Hormones  is causing hormone havoc and "constant interference with our natural energy field from external sources of EMRs can eventually damage our own fields resulting in many physiological imbalances". 

'To be or not to be, that is the question' - are you be willing to look into 5G and see what is 'coming down the pipeline'?

Author:  Karen Marie Bell



Apr 21, 2020 • Posted by Maggie

Yes, but what impact does it have your meditation practice?

Dec 09, 2019 • Posted by Mark Andresen

I’d like to read more about the actual consequences of 5G on meditation practice. Thank you.

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