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The Top Three Free Uncommon Meditation Apps By Zach Scott

The Top Three Free Uncommon Meditation Apps By Zach Scott


Most top lists for meditation apps are one and the same. Well I can tell you this list will most likely be apps you’ve never heard of. These apps are amazing if you’re a beginner or intermediate meditator. They’re even great for advanced meditators. I’ve been meditating for 9 years and can say I love these apps.

Our first app on the list, and probably my most favorite is Pacifia. The app provides 13 free quality meditations. There’s also 1 free bonus meditation of the day to give you a taste of premium, but later in the bonus section I recommend what I believe is the best paid app.

What I really like about the app is every time you open it, you select the rate of how you feel and the moods that led you to feel this way. Mood tracking can be useful because you can find patterns in certain days, or times of day that stand out. You can then do more of what makes you experience positive emotions, and less of the negative ones. There’s well over 200 different moods you can choose from.

Some examples of the meditations you can do are deep breathing and positive visualization at only 1 minute each. Then there’s your five senses and your breath for 3-5 minutes. Lastly longer meditations around 10 minutes like school stress, social situations, and defusing anger.

There’s also guided paths you can take. The one free one included is “Feeling Better”. This teaches you techniques to manage anxiety and depression which is very valuable.

Lastly, the app has a chat group section where you can find fellow meditators in all walks of life. Some examples are entrepreneurship, moms, ADHD, yoga, students, and so on.

The second app on this list is Insight Timer. This app is an old favorite of mine and still provides one of the widest selection of meditations out of any other app. There are over 12,000 meditations provided to you FOR FREE which are nicely categorized.

Some categories include sleep, anxiety, confidence, mindfulness, gratitude, focus, love, and many more. There are meditations ranging from 30 seconds all the way to over 2 hours.

 his app also has a tracker to track your streaks and keep you motivated along your path to nirvana.

The third app I’ll be recommending isn’t your typical meditation app. It’s called “Youper” and it’s an AI assistant based on therapy and meditation. It’s for beating stress, anxiety and depression.

When you first open this app, you will be greeted by a kind AI system. It asks you a bunch of questions off the bat to get to know you. Eventually, the AI forms to your personality and gives specific tips catered to your needs.

There is a selection of 17 different mediations ranging from short to medium length. Some examples are deep relaxed breathing, mind noting, deep body scan, SOS breathing, tension relief, and so on.

Getting to meditation is kind of tricky. I couldn’t find a tab for it as the only way I found was to speak to your AI assistant and wait until it recommends meditation and go from there.


So, I’ve listed my top 3 free apps, but some people are willing to pay a little. My favorite paid app is: Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation. This app offers a free 7 days to guided meditation pack plus a meditation of the day. When it comes to the paid option, it’s only $25 for unlimited access! This is an amazing deal as so many apps such as Headspace are hundreds of dollars for lifetime access.

The other programs are: 14-day life improvement, 7 days of sleep, 7 days of stress free, 7 days of happiness, 7 days of self esteem, and 7 days of focus.

I feel like these are all you really need when it comes to meditation, so I can definitely justify the $25 price tag.

So far, I’m really loving the app and feel like it should cost way more. I’m for sure getting the full value out of it.

As you can see, there are many great apps out there for meditation. Sometimes you just need blog posts like this to let you in on the not so familiar ones.

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