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Launch of the Eco Peace Meditation Seat

Launch of the Eco Peace Meditation Seat

WOW ... the 2020 New Earth Eco Peace Meditation Seat has arrived.

What a year. Many changes are afoot. There is good news and bad news.

The good news is Black Dragon Seats continues to manufacture quality meditation seats in rural Victoria after moving to Numurkah from Melbourne two years ago.

The bad news is the current model is no longer offered as of this week. However, the good news within the bad news is that we will not be using eight rare earth magnets in each seat.

The other good news is there is a new model seat. The Eco Peace Seat. It is available on the website on Wednesday 21st October 2020. The Eco Peace Seat uses no magnets and screws and is no longer finished with an oil based polyurethane lacquer. Instead the Eco Peace Seat is finished with tung oil from the nut of the tung tree.

The Eco Peace Seat is ecologically friends, not 100%, but a vast improvement on the old Dragon Meditation Bench.

We are proud of this new product we manufacture right here in Australia for the Australian and overseas marketplace.

Wishing you Well and Happy.

Colin Steele

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